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May/June 2009

When Chris and Michele Sedgwick reconcepted their Roswell restaurant to Bistro VG, the kitchen was also updated with several new pieces of commercial cooking equipment to save time and energy.  One piece added was the electric RATIONALSelfCooking Center. Owner Chris says, “The combi oven gives my chef additional creativity with our new menu while producing a high-quality, consistent product for our customers.” The oven is programmable, allowing Bistro VG’s chef to input his own recipes, which any chef can prepare with the simple push of a few buttons.


As Director of Construction and Development for Ted’s Montana Grill, Ed Bazor has a lot on his plate. But nothing is more important to him than his role as “Head of the Green Team.” Ted’s restaurants take their environmental stance very seriously, and it shows in their kitchen equipment. In their last two locations (Cumming, GA, and Bozeman, MT) they installed two gas-fired, tankless water heaters manufactured by Noritz. These two heaters are used in tandem to jointly ensure there is hot water on demand for frontand back-of-the-house operations. “We have not had them in operation a full year, so I can’t tell you the overall water or energy saving yet,” Bazor says, “but I will tell you that I have already seen huge benefit in cover2-2.jpgthe ability to eliminate 25 to 30 square feet of restaurant space because they hang on the wall. That is an upfront cost savings of $1,500 per year in real estate.” He also noticed his maintenance cost has been minimized because water flowed through the tanks instead of sitting in them. He states, “Neither restaurant has had one service call in the past 10 months. Even if we experience a moderate savings of energy, this equipment has saved me in real estate, installation expense, maintenance and space. I call that a significant savings overall.”

The world’s largest fast-food restaurant made a major decision to switch to electric fryers, and the results have been dramatic. The Varsity has been able to turn out their renowned food faster than ever, and its inside temperature has dropped significantly, especially in the kitchen area. “It has been fantastic,” says Gordon Muir, Varsity President and grandson of founder Frank Gordy Sr. “Our building is not just cooler, it’s more comfortable. I walked out into the lobby on a recent day when it was 100º outside, but it was cool at The Varsity. That’s a first.” Their kitchen temperature now stays below 80º. The Varsity’s 18 fryers work feverishly every day, cooking up the French fries and onion rings that helped make it famous. Not only are the electric fryers cooler, but they are also more efficient, easier to maintain and much easier to clean, according to Muir.


Middleby Marshall’s WOW! Gas Conveyor Oven was named the 2009 Product of the Year bycover2-4.jpg the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network at the NAFEM show. This award is presented annually to a manufacturer that brings to market a natural gas appliance that highlights outstanding innovation and technology in foodservice equipment. The oven has an “energy eye” that starts the belt only when it senses product. When the belt does not have product, the energy eye puts the oven into a sleep mode to save energy. The oven cooks most products in three to four minutes. Georgia-based Stevi B’s Pizza restaurant’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations Seth Salzman says, “This oven runs 20% faster. For us, we can replenish our buffet faster, providing less waste because of our quicker reaction time.”

cover2-5.thumbnail.jpgNiagara Conservation’s commercial, high-efficiency prerinse spray nozzle is certified by the Food Services Technology Center and endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association to reduce water usage by 80%. It has an insulated handle and is interchangeable with all brands.

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