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FPL Food’s Fresh Idea

It’s only a five-hour drive from FPL Food’s Augusta headquarters to Thomasville. Through a few small towns, green forests and expanses of farmland, you’re finally greeted with a similarly innocuous building: the FPL Food Further Processing facility, humming along and changing the beef industry in the Southeast.

“Grilling is a tradition in Georgia,” remarks FPL Food Founder and President François Léger. “In the evening, when it’s cooler outside, you can smell the charcoal wafting on the air in my neighborhood. We can’t exactly be the Southeast’s local beef without burgers.”

The Thomasville location is a natural extension of Léger’s vision for Georgia-born, bred, fed and processed cattle, sold direct to regional retail and foodservice operations—a vision that has transformed FPL Food into the number-one privately owned processor of fresh beef in the region.

The system is simple: FPL Food takes quality raw material from right down the road and processes it to meet every customer’s needs. Portion control steaks, marinated items, private label and branded products…it’s all done here. A point of pride for Léger, though, is their fresh and frozen patty capabilities.

“Grinds are a priority,” Léger says. “It’s all about freshness and for freshness, location is everything. The efficiency we have, the quality we have—there’s nothing like it in the area.”

It’s a distinction in quality that’s drawing a growing base of customers from foodservice and retail to FPL Food. “It’s my mission to get beef on all those grills,” Léger laughs. From the look of things, he’s well on his way.


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