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Georgia Restaurant Association

Georgia Restaurant Association

Our mission is simple: to serve as the voice for Georgia’s Restaurants in Advocacy, Education and Awareness.  The GRA is sanctioned by the National Restaurant Association to operate Georgia’s only not-for-profit representing the state’s foodservice industry. From large chains to start-ups, the GRA helps make restaurants better for Georgia and Georgia a better place for restaurants to do business.

The real dollar value of GRA membership far exceeds the cost of dues, even if you only consider to cost of the political representation we provide. Add the many tangible benefits, and you’ll find membership is one of the best investments you can make.

The Georgia Restaurant Association represents an industry comprising over 16,000 foodservice and drinking places in the state of Georgia with total sales in excess of $14.7 billion and provides more jobs (384,300+) than any other non-government employer in the state.  For more information call 404.467.9000, or visit


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