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Richland Rum Launches New Expressions

The only single estate rum distillery in the United States, Richland Rum is expanding its handcrafted product line for the first time in almost two decades of business. Since 1999 Richland Rum’s Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum has been grown, distilled, aged and bottled all in South Georgia. Now, thanks to a unique partnership with local artisans, Terrapin Beer Company and Château Élan Winery, Richland Rum is unveiling new Expressions created from inventive barrel exchange programs between the companies.

“Six years ago, Terrapin co-founder Spike Buckowski inquired about using some of our rum barrels to age a heavy gravity, double IPA that his team was developing,” explains Richland Rum founder Erik Vonk. “We said, ‘Sure, as long as you return the barrels to us.’ A year later, we got the barrels back, and discovered that the beautiful, hoppy, almost chocolatey aromas that we had anticipated, were stronger and much more complex than we expected. Immediately, we decided to re-fill them with the rum they held before we sent them to Terrapin”.

Vonk returned the rum to their original barrels that had been loaned out to Terrapin, and a year later, a limited edition, 30-barrel Terrapin Beer cask exchange rum is ready to be bottled and sent to stores.

Around the same time, Château Élan executive winemaker Simone Bergese reached out to Richland Rum to request oak barrels to add the perfect finishing touch to a port the winery was aging. That has resulted in a brilliant, blush-colored limited edition, 30-barrel Château Élan cask exchange rum. On the other side of the partnership, the beer and port aged in the rum barrels can be recognized by a ‘Richland Reserve’ moniker adjacent to the Terrapin and Château Élan logos on the respective bottles.

In addition to the limited-edition cask exchange, the new Richland Rum Expressions include an un-aged or ‘virgin’ edition of Richland Rum. Labeled ‘Single Estate Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum’, the crisp, clear spirit is produced by the company’s distillery in Brunswick and brings out the vegetal, floral and grassy notes left by the sugar cane it was made from.

Rounding out the expanding portfolio is the Full Cask Strength version of the company’s ‘Classic’: Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum. As is the case with the ‘Classic’, the Cask Strength Expression barrels are always bottled individually, and the strength will typically range between 105 to 120 Proof (52.5% – 60% ABV).

“What makes all of our products unique is our all-natural approach,” explains Vonk. “While most rums around the globe are made from molasses, the byproduct of sugar refining, we use only the juice from the sugar cane grown on our farm in Richland. The juice is reduced to syrup at the farm and then fermented, distilled, aged and bottled at our distilleries in Richland and Brunswick. There are zero additives or preservatives. We only process what Mother Nature creates.”

The Classic, Virgin and Cask Strength versions represent the Richland Rum Legacy Series and are produced on an ongoing basis. The Terrapin and Château Élan cask exchanges are one-time productions with a specific number of barrels.

Brought to market under the moniker ‘One Rum, Two Decades of Evolution, Five Expressions’, Richland Rum’s Single Estate, Single Barrel line-up now consists of the following Expressions:
• Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum
• Old South Georgia Rum
• Terrapin Double IPA Cask Exchange Rum
• Chateau Elan Port Cask Exchange Rum
• Old South Georgia Rum, Cask Strength


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