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Join Local Restaurants in Keeping Millions of Plastic Straws from Polluting the Environment

The Georgia Restaurant Association joined up with One More Generation and is now promoting the OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign to local restaurants.

Thanks to a grant received from the Tampa Bay Estuary Foundation, One More Generation is sending out as many “We Only Serve Straws Upon Request” campaign buttons to restaurants free for their employees to wear.  The buttons are helping restaurants reduce their single use plastic straw usage by 70-80%, just by implementing the program throughout their restaurants.  The cost savings often allows restaurants to bring in paper straws as an alternative for any remaining customers requesting a straw.One Less Straw

Locally, all 47 of the TED’s Montana Grill have joined on with the campaign and Twisted Taco has announced they will be implementing the initiative throughout all their locations.

Since launching the campaign, over 200 business partners from around the world have joined on. Delta Air Lines is implementing the campaign in all their cafeteria’s at their world headquarters and will soon be testing the initiative in their Sky Lounges at Hartsfield International Airport.

The Atlanta Public School System has announced that starting the next school year, they will be removing the single use plastic straws from the 50,000 lunches they serve daily.  That means the campaign is helping to prevent over 6-million plastic straws from ending up in our environment every single school year.

Singer/song writer Jack Johnson has also announced the implementation of the campaign at all his summer concert venues.  They ordered 1,000 “We Only Serve Straws Upon Request” campaign buttons and are talking to Aardvark paper straw company about placing an order for 30,000 paper straws to be used at all concert venues.


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